Wednesday, September 10, 2014

V is for Void

I have a huge void in my life. Forget that Ex and I are no longer together. Forget that I live alone. Forget that I flunked out of dental school - twice. Forget that my family lives far, far away. So what, then is the void?
My stupid therapist convinced me to turn in my hoard of pills. I hate her. I wanted them there "just in case," but she said I cannot have a life worth living if suicide is always an option. The door is always there and I was standing on the doorstep wanting to walk through. Not that there aren't a million other ways to kill yourself, but it was the symbolism of it.         
I have the worst headache, my back hurts, my wrist hurts where I broke it three years ago, my stomach hurts, and I feel like throwing up. I am not happy. To say the least. I hate my therapist right now. So much.

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