Saturday, March 9, 2013

J is for Jack

When I couldn't sleep at night, I would lie there and listen to Ex breathe and think about what I wanted to name our future children. It was a favorite game of mine; to go through the alphabet and think of names for girls and boys that started with each letter. As I'm writing this, I sense a theme...
I wanted to name our kids Sophie and Simon. Ex agreed that Sophie was a cute name, but he said that Simon was the kind of name that got a boy beaten up. He liked the name Jack. Our last name started with "S", and Jack S----- sounded like someone out of 24 (the television show). It sounded tough and serious.
There were a lot of sleepless nights with Ex, and not in the good way. There were so many nights when he would not be speaking to me, and go to bed really early, like 7:00 or so, just so I wouldn't be able to go to bed at the same time. He would be sprawled out, taking up as much of the bed as possible, and I would creep in, SO careful not to touch or disturb him.  Then I would lie there and name our future kids to make myself feel better.
Luckily, we never had kids, so naming them wasn't an issue. Those poor children would have been seriously screwed up.

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