Monday, January 13, 2014

J is for JPay

J-what? JPay. It's a web site that enables a person to send money, videos, emails, and pictures to a loved one in jail. Why, you may be asking yourself, am I writing about JPay? Are they a new sponsor? Ha. No. Not a bad guess, though. But the other way around. No, I'm writing about JPay because it seemed funnier than to just write about plain old jail.
I know this guy. Met him about a year after my divorce. Never got attached, never wanted him to even be my boyfriend. Liked him, got along great, just kept it light. You know. Nothing serious. Then he gets himself thrown in jail. Starts writing me letters. Asked me if I ever saw us together. Wanted to know if I wanted to have kids. Said we would have really cute kids.

Um, excuse me? Kids? What exactly am I to you? So I ask him this in my return letter. A few letters go by before he responds to the question. He's had some really bad relationships and needs to get his act together before he can have anything serious with anyone. He likes me and wants to live with me once he gets out, but that's it.                 
May I remind you, fool, that YOU are the one who asked ME if I wanted to have kids with you. That I was the one who never wanted a relationship. And now YOU are rejecting ME? I need to write him another letter and tell him he can go - well, there is just no nice way to tell someone to go fuck themselves.

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  1. Two things: 1) Sometimes I look back at what I've written and think, "I can't possibly admit to this!" but then I publish it anyway, because I want this blog to be an open book. 2) Cindy Brady sure was cute :)


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