Monday, February 6, 2012

F is for Fiction

1)      He told me I was a coward
·        Yes, I did run when a tiny bird at the zoo started chasing me. Yes, I was afraid of it. But being a coward means being too afraid to do things. If I was really a coward, I would not have gone into the walk-in aviary in the first place. Sure, I’m afraid of things, but I do them anyway. That makes me brave, not a coward.
2)      He told me I didn’t love him
·        He could not have been more wrong. I will love him forever even though I know I cannot be with him. Being together would not be good for me but it would be worse for him. My therapist said Ex would hate himself even more for treating me badly but he wouldn’t stop, so his self-hatred would grow. I loved him enough to let him go.
3)      He told me he loved me
·        It is true that you have to love yourself before you can love someone else. He is not capable of love. Everything he did was the opposite of love. You don’t treat someone you love the way he treated me. He did not love me.
4)      He told me I wasn’t funny
·        Whatever. I’m freakin’ hilarious.
5)      He told me that I had no friends and everyone hated me
·        True, but only if we were talking about Ex instead of me. I have tons of friends, but he has none. I do feel sorry for him about that, but if he would stop being rude to everyone and thinking the being mean was funny, maybe people would like him. Turns out he doesn’t have even one friend anywhere.

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  1. Right on! Especially your answers to 4 and 5. :D


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