Tuesday, June 26, 2012

U is for Unhappy

Yesterday was Ex's birthday. In a horrible moment of weakness and curiosity, I unblocked him from facebook. I wanted to make sure someone remembered and wished him happy birthday. He had five birthdays while we were together, and on every single one, no one remembered.
Ex would call his mom aound ten at night and tell her it was his birthday. His sister would text him a few days (or weeks) after the actual day. No one cared about Ex's birthday. Except me.

I would start planning his birthday months in advance. I spent months deciding what to get for him and weeks finding the perfect gift. Once, I threw him a surprise party, which was not easy, considering Ex didn't really have any friends. He was thrilled.
So why is this unhappy? Because now, as far as I know, no one cares about his birthday...or him. The facebook thing was unhelpful. Apparently, he has deleted his account. I got paranoid and wondered if he blocked me, so I made up a fake account and looked searched that way. No, he still didn't show up.

I miss Ex. I feel really sad for him. I hope someone in his life cares enough to remember his birthday. Besides me, that is.

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  1. Despite my recent dust-up with my ex and the mean names thrown around, I do think things like this about him still. I wonder about him on his birthday. I wonder if his new wife has a good relationship with his family, if she keeps in contact with them while he's deployed so they know if he's ok, how long it's been since he's seen his mom or his nieces and nephews. I can't imagine only wishing bad for him, despite how things went, or even continue to go. I think it's a good sign that you want something good for him.


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