Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Y is for Young

I'm getting old.

There is a storm brewing and I can feel it in my knees and left wrist, all of which have been damaged at some point in my life. I have arthritis already. I'm not 40 yet; shouldn't I be too young to feel this old?
My birthday is coming up. I hate birthdays. They depress me. I especially hate getting older and having to switch from saying, "I'm 36" to "I'm 37". Yikes! When I was young, I thought people were nuts when they said things about my metabolism slowing down (which it has), not being able to stay up all night (which I can't), and loving naps (oh, I do!). I thought I would be that way forever.

But then I got old.

When did it happen? I don't want to be old. I want to have the body I had, need the little sleep I needed, and be full of life and happy again.

Maybe life with Ex made me old. I should just blame him. That makes me feel a little better, anyway. Although now I am remembering coming home to him and the dog and cat all wearing party hats and him singing to me. I miss him. Shouldn't I be smarter than this by now?

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