Sunday, October 28, 2012

Z is for Zoo

Ex loved to go to zoos. I was happy to be included in Ex's plans and enjoyed our trips to various zoos. On our first (and only) anniversary, we went to a larger city about four hours away and one of the things on our itinerary was to go to the zoo.

The city had a big, very nice zoo. The animals lived in habitats rather than cages, and had lots of things to play with. However, there were two orangutans who looked incredibly sad to me. They had a nice place to live, as far as zoos go. The walls were stone and there was grass and plants all over. They had a series of rope swings and wooden perches to play on.

But they were just sitting there together with the saddest expressions on their faces. I felt really sad for them. They looked like they just wanted to be left alone. Ex, of course, told me I was being stupid and that they were just resting. He took their picture and captured their sadness forever.

Who was right and who was wrong? Was Ex right - were they just resting? Was I projecting my feelings onto the orangutans? Or were they as depressed as I was? I hope, for their sakes, that Ex was right and I was just being stupid. Either way, it was a depressing trip to the zoo.


  1. They do look sadish. And upset with each other. I know sometimes everyone wants to be alone, but a lot of primates I've seen are really close to each other.

    But, maybe he was right. Maybe you got there after they were done playing and just taking a break.

    I don't know on this one.

  2. I hope they were just bored or, like you said, taking a break.


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