Saturday, April 13, 2013

M is for Money

I left Ex over the spring break of 2010 while he was working out of town. He knew I was leaving and didn't care; he had told me, in fact, to get the f*** out of his house. (The audience gasps!) What had I done to offend this man in such a manner that he kick me out of his house? (Yes, when I say "his" house, it's not a typo. He made it very clear that, although we were married, the house was his and his alone.)

Well, I told Ex that we didn't have enough money for him to ride his motorcycle that weekend at a trial race. He didn't actually race motorcycles; he just went to track days and tooled around the track a few times, dropping about $500 in the process.
Ex had been unemployed for several months prior to this job and I was in school full time, so there was not a lot of extra money. Oh, and did I mention that not only was I in school full time, but I was also working three part time jobs to try to make ends meet?
We were completely in the red and had been for months. He got so mad at me. Loaded up the bike anyway and raced it, despite our not being able to afford it. After, of course, he screamed at me to get the f*** out of his house.

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