Friday, April 19, 2013

O is for Ololygmancy

What does ololygmancy mean? Don't worry; I didn't know, either. Had to look it up. It refers to the practice of telling fortunes by listening to the howling of dogs. Does anyone reading this know how to practice ololygmancy? If you do, please let me know, so I can learn from you. It would be very useful for my full-time job.
How so? I work at a "pet resort" now. It's my official full-time job. I have three other jobs as well, none of which pays squat. Anyway, back to ololygmancy. What a great word. If I knew how to interpret the howling of dogs, I would be a genius at work.
I could probably quit and become a pet psychic! That would be fun, no doubt. I don't like my job. It sucks. I run dogs back to daycare all morning and check in boarding dogs and call vets to check on vaccinations. It is stressful. The clients pay a lot, and they expect great service in return. I can see why. If I paid that much, I would want someone who knows what's up, too.
Guess I will get used to it. This was only my sixth day and there is a lot (!) to learn. I think it will be an easy job once I get the hang of it. If only Ex could see how far I have fallen...

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