Sunday, December 1, 2013

O is for Oh

Ex loved animals. He had a black cat that he had adopted from the local animal shelter, and his mom was currently keeping his dog because she was lonely and needed companionship. Then we got married and took the dog, because it turns out his mom was just keeping her for Ex until he got himself settled. Ex never walked the poor dog and rarely fed her. And most definitely never gave her the diabetic injections she required every twelve hours. He didn't really even like animals.


Ex was a great outdoorsman. He loved to camp and took me camping before we were married. He had a great time and told me how much he loved being outside and listening to the birds at dawn. He loved to hike and climb mountains and I really enjoyed doing these things with him. Then we got married and never spent time together outside unless I suggested it. Ex would go along and gripe the entire time, telling me what I brat I was being and how much he hated me.


Ex really cared about his mom. When we first met, he told me what a terrible mother she had been. He had only negative things to say about her. I pointed that out to him. Instant turn-around. Suddenly, she was a great mom and when she visited, things were wonderful. Ex was loving and attentive and caring towards both of us. Then we got married; his mom's slight dementia worsened considerably, and she needed to move in with someone. I suggested that she live with us but Ex said that under no circumstances would she be welcome in his home. She ended up locked in a nursing facility. I went to visit her and take her for walks, but Ex couldn't be bothered. I couldn't see her after the divorce. She was basically abandoned at that point. Last I heard, they were changing her sheets three times a day because she was crying so much. Ex moved back to his home town and moved into his mom's empty house and never visits her.



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