Tuesday, February 4, 2014

P is for Painkillers

Hi, I'm Marcy, and I'm addicted to painkillers. (Hi, Marcy)
I've taken hydrocodone in the past, but it never seemed to work, so I never took it very long. One or two days, maybe. Well, it helps a LOT with my thumb pain. I have taken it every night since I sliced halfway through my thumb at the deli, and 45 minutes later - boom - no more pain. It's not just my thumb that hurts, either. My entire body aches at the end of a long day. I literally hurt from head to toe.
Somebody call me the waa-mbulance. I need to complain. It makes me feel better. On the inside, at least...

I decided not to take any painkillers last night, since it wasn't hurting too bad and I'm down to three pills with little chance of getting more. I thought it would be smart to keep them for the end of a long work shift, when I really needed them. So I spent all night last night tossing and turning. Couldn't get comfortable. My poor dogs ended up sleeping on the floor because I kept moving. Well, they slept on their beds. Just not with me. I missed them.

I sought the advice of a friend who is a medical assistant, and she said to taper by taking half a night until I'm out. So that is what I will do tonight. My body is crying for it. My thumb is a plethora of pain - the actual incision stings like ice, the entire thumb feels like a taut balloon that keeps getting filled with more and more air, my whole hand throbs, and my entire right arm aches.

I'm a mess. I want my painkillers.

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