Saturday, February 1, 2014

O is for Orange

It took me five tries to type the title. Amazing how you don't realize how important a thumb is until you injure it. I sliced the tip of my thumb to the bone on the meat slicer in the deli last Sunday. This is why I have been slow to post - because it hurts to type. One would hope this post means I'm feeling better but no, it just means I needed to vent.

I just got home from work and did a little Self-Soothing. That is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy skill I learned that engages one or more of the five senses and is a Distress Tolerance skill. I put on some orange-scented lotion and am currently lying on my couch, typing and breathing in the good smell.
Why do I need orange lotion and Self-Soothing? Well, I was informed that my boss told my co-worker that she doesn't understand what the big deal is. She cut her thumb a long time ago, too. The store director (the big boss) has seen me almost every day and not ONCE asked how I am doing, but apparently went into the deli last night and was saying it was my fault for holding the slicer that way. My friend stuck up for me and said she demonstrated how it happened and how holding it that way is the only way to slice the meat. After that, the director agreed to get the slicer fixed.

It took my blood sacrifice to get them to fix the slicer. Great.

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