Sunday, April 13, 2014

X is for Xenomorphic

Xenomorphic: in an unusual form.

Ex was xenomorphic in that he was unusual and did not fit into any form I had ever known. From the first date to our wedding day, he was different in a good way. And then from our wedding day until, well, now, he is different in a bad way.
Ex's pre-marriage form was solid. Ex initially showed up very late all the time, but when I told him it bothered me, Solid Ex began always showing up on time. Always. Solid Ex ate whatever I made and professed to love it. Always. Solid Ex loved my family and thought they were great. Always. Solid Ex was charming to my friends; even though some of them saw through him and didn't like him, he was still charming to them. If something went wrong with my car and I needed help, Solid Ex was there. Always. He was my rock.
Fluid Ex was the form I was married to. I never knew what form would be in charge when I was with him. I clearly remember the cold knot of fear every time I heard Ex's truck pull in the drive. Which Fluid Ex was coming through the door? Would this Ex speak to me? Would he completely ignore my presence? Would he get mad if I spoke to him? Would this Ex walk in and say, "Hey," and sit down and take off his shoes while telling me about his day?
Even when Fluid Ex was nice and spoke to me, I was scared, because anything I said could be taken the wrong way, or anything I didn't say could be attributed to me and make Fluid Ex shift to rage. I didn't realize Ex was so xenomorphic when I married him.

I hope the new wife is married to Solid Ex. I doubt it, but I really hope she is. Poor girl.

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