Friday, June 27, 2014

A is for Another

True confession time: there is another man in my life. What? Gasp! Can this be true? Well, not in the most technical sense of the word "in" as it pertains to "in my life." The dude is in jail, which is over three hours away, and I rarely talk to him and visits are even more rare. So is he really in my life? Well, yes, in the darkest sense of the word "in." I miss him. I think about him. He is still in my life.

He asked if he could parole to my house.

Show of hands, all who think this is a good idea? Anybody? Hello?
Yeah, I thought not. I agree - not a good plan. Another man moving in with me may not be such a bad idea, but this man? I mean, dude is in jail, and not for robbing a parking meter. Why am I mentioning him now? Well, I'm going to visit him tomorrow. It is his birthday. We celebrated his birthday in fine style the first year I knew him. The next year, he was in jail, and this year, his dumb ass is still there. He actually did get out, but violated his parole and went right back in. Happy birthday to you, my fine friend.
I know how to pick winners. All of the men I have ever seriously dated (or married, oops) have spent time in jail. Most for one or two nights, two for over a year. I think maybe I should try another hobby...

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