Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A is for Ache

I just found out that an acquaintance of mine is leaving her husband because he cheated on her. They have a baby that is only six months old. It makes me sick. The way I found out was that she changed her facebook status from "married" to "single". Then a long discussion ensued.

Is this really the way things happen now? Someone cheats, hearts are broken, facebook tells all? Really?
Should I have posted my heartache on facebook, too? Should I post my current status as "still broken-hearted and still in therapy with no end in sight"?

Her change in relationship status makes my broken heart weep. Why did he do that? In this case, I know the husband more than the wife. I worked with him a few years ago. He was a nice guy who was madly in love with his then-girlfriend. What happened?

My heart is far from healed. I must protect it from harm. I don't watch the news because it is all bad, I don't talk to my mom much because she always has negative things to tell me, and now I guess facebook is a danger zone, as well.
It wasn't the first bad news I read on there, but this one hit right where it hurts. I've learned of other breakups through facebook, but this one hurts more than the others. I think because these two were so in love. They just had a beautiful baby. A happy little family, broken before it had a chance to grow.
It shouldn't be affecting me this much. My heart is aching like crazy. Tears well up and refuse to fall. Why do people mess up their lives so badly?

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