Friday, July 27, 2012

Z is for Zeke

Zeke wasn't really Ex's cat's name, but all names had to be changed to protect the innocent, even the animals involved, so Zeke it is. Ex adopted Zeke a few months after we met. He actually adopted two cats, but the other one beat up poor Zeke, who was declawed. Ex took the other one back and kept Zeke.

He was the a very sweet cat who loved to jump up on my lap and be petted. He hated being picked up, though, which was something Ex did all the time. Ex was constantly picking him up and carrying poor Zeke around while he squirmed, trying to get down. Zeke just wanted to be left alone so he could sleep.
After we got married, one of Ex's favorite things to do was to bring Zeke to bed and put him between us. Ex would hold Zeke in his arms and go to sleep or just put a hand on him so he couldn't escape and use him as a blockade. Sad that I was so jealous of a cat.
When I left, Ex was out of town but coming home that evening, so I just made sure that Zeke had plenty of water and food and a clean litter box. One of my biggest regrets is leaving that poor cat. Ex never took care of him, and I have no idea if he even kept Zeke. I have a sneaking suspicion that he took Zeke back to the pound. I really hope not. I should have taken him. Sorry, Zeke. Really sorry.

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