Tuesday, July 10, 2012

W is for Wedding

Our wedding was beautiful. It was at the local arboretum in their small, stone amphitheater by the lake. My uncle sat on a stone near the top and softly played his guitar while the guests arrived. The sudden heat wave broke and there was a light breeze and just enough cloud cover to keep everyone comfortable. It could not have been a more perfect day.
The reception went very well, also. The decorations were lake-themed with goldfish in bowls with tiny lake pebbles and cattails. The cake (which I decorated the night before) looked great, and the chocolate fountain I had borrowed from a friend was a huge hit.
The Italian restaurant that catered came through in a big way, and everyone had plenty of good pasta to eat. After eating, Ex and I cut the cake and served the guests, creating another opportunity to talk to everyone. It was perfect.

My friend is planning her wedding and she asked what the most stressful part of mine was. I told her the truth - wondering if the groom would show up. If only he hadn't.

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