Wednesday, August 8, 2012

D is for Drunk

Which I am. Not drunk enough, though. I want to call him. SO badly I can taste it. I had to retype that sentence about five times to get it right. If it isn't right, please forgive me - I'm under the influence of alcohol. I like Pucker Vodka. Good stuff. It's hard to type, though. May wear out my back space key. May delete this tomorrow. Who knows?
Ex has been on my mind big time lately. I want to call him. Why? Because I'm stupid, that's why. No good can come of it, that is for sure. I'm dying here, though. I was playing my guitar, trying (took me four tries to type "trying") to distract myself like a good little girl but my best friend, VODKA, kept calling my name. And now Ex is calling my name.
Why do I want to talk to him? NO GOOD CAN COME OF IT. Yes, I am yelling. But not at you. I am trying to get through to my pathetic, drunk self. Is it working? Not really. But I do feel a bit better.

To sum up: Me = drunk
Me = want to call him
Me= know that is a bad idea, especially because I am drunk
me = screwed            

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