Saturday, September 22, 2012

J is for Juice

It is still hard to go to the grocery store. It is taking me forever to get out of the habit of buying stuff I don't like but Ex does.

Ex likes orange juice with no pulp.
I like orange juice I have to chew.
I still reach for the orange juice with no pulp.
Ex likes expensive salsa with huge chunks.
I like the cheapest, smoothest store-brand salsa.
I still buy the chunky salsa.
Ex likes Braeburn apples.
I like apples, period.
I still buy Braeburn apples, even though they are more expensive.
Ex likes Olive Garden.
I like Olive Garden.
I can't stand to eat there anymore. It makes me miss him too much.
Typing this has made me thirsty. I think I will go pour myself a nice, tall glass of orange juice with extra pulp. Why is there no victory in this?

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