Thursday, April 25, 2013

Q is for Quit

I need to quit stalking Ex. How is it that after all of this time and all of this therapy, I still want him to want me? Shouldn't I be done with all of that by now? 

Last night, I made a fake facebook account. Found a picture of a beautiful woman and used it for "my" profile picture. Sent friend requests to random people facebook thought I might know.  It took a long time to make it look real. I even picked out favorite books and movies. Finally, I sent Ex a friend request.
What is wrong with me? Ex was so mean and heartless and I should hate him, not be trying to find out what he's doing these days. I have to quit.

The account is currently deactivated. It is really easy to reactivate it. I have to quit stalking Ex.
Just. Quit.

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