Thursday, April 25, 2013

R is for Robbie

Robbie is the only one who's real name is used here. He's my beloved dog. Robbie is currently snoring beside me on the couch. Little Woof, my other best friend, is on the floor killing a rawhide. Robbie finished his a long time ago.

What would I do without my two best friends? I have no idea. They keep me company and are truly wonderful individuals. They keep me on track, too. Woofie growls at me if dinner is late. Sometimes she starts growling early, if she's hungry or bored.

You could say I rescued them from an animal shelter, but you would be wrong. They rescued me from being alone all the time. They are great companions and this post goes out to the faces I love: Robbie and Little Woof.
Robbie was my foster dog when I was in the process of leaving Ex. Robbie was scared of Ex and I thought he was scared of all men, but he's not. He was just scared of Ex. Smart dog.

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