Thursday, November 14, 2013

H is for Hill

Ex taught me how to snowboard. He was working in Colorado at the time, and there were mountains everywhere, but I started out on the Bunny Hill. I was having a good time sliding down the hill while Ex went on the higher slopes. Towards the middle of the day, I ventured out and we rode the ski lift up to the lowest spot on the mountain.

I managed it quite well, so Ex decided to take me with him to the top. I didn't want to go, but Ex was adamant and I didn't want to make him mad again. He had stopped speaking to me for three days and I didn't want a repeat of that, so I got back on the ski lift with a fake smile plastered on my face.

I'm scared of heights. Being on the ski lift and going up the whole mountain was terrifying, especially since Ex kept looking behind us and rocking the seat. We finally made it to the top. It was beautiful. We were up so high that we were in the clouds but could still see for miles. I am glad that I went up there; the problem was getting back down.
The snow up there was practically untouched and very soft. It was a thin ledge, too, so if I went too far to the right, I would fall off of a cliff, and if I went too far to the left, I would, well, fall off of a cliff. After sliding every which way and irritating Ex, I finally just took the snowboard off and started walking. Ex left me, of course.
When we met up at the bottom, Ex told me to go back to the Bunny Hill and we agreed to meet up in thirty minutes to ride the ski lift to the lowest point again. So I went back to the Bunny Hill, got my courage back up, and went to the meeting point. No Ex. I waited for 45 minutes. At that point, I was really tired (falling and getting back up takes a lot of energy!), so I didn't really mind standing around. However, I was beginning to worry about Ex when he finally slid up. He said he had been waiting for me at the top of the lift.
And went down three times. And avoided me, standing there at the bottom in my hard-to-miss lime green jacket and blue gloves. He was so passive-aggressive. Why do I still miss him? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?

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