Saturday, January 4, 2014

D is for Dude

I can't seem to get away from the raw, painful posts lately. My life can't possibly be this pathetic. Can it? I saw Dude again tonight. He had asked me to go to First Friday, the local art gallery walk, but then he decided he was too cold. Yes, it is cold. No big deal. He wants to stay home, so instead, I go out with my friends to a happy hour. Dude and I text back and forth a bit and he says he will come out. An hour later, we're about to leave the first bar, so I text him and he replies, "Getting ready". What? You should have been here forty minutes ago, Dude.

My friends and I leave and go out dancing. So much fun. I love my friends and should have ended the night there. Dude, however, keeps texting me and asking when I will be home. Um, booty call, much? I stupidly let him come over and Dude proceeds to sit on my couch and pet my dogs and drink my vodka and tell me how his best friend's little sister wants him to go visit her in California and how badly he wants to...(wait for it)....sleep with her.
Ouch. Pass the vodka.You would think I would learn. Men = pain. Friends = awesomeness. Stick with friends and forget men forever. I really thought there could be something with this Dude. I really did. What was I thinking? Oh, you stupid girl.

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