Saturday, January 4, 2014

E is for Encouraging

I could use some encouraging words right now. I don't feel very sad or lonely, but feel as if I am right at the balancing point of tipping between okay and not okay. This thing with Dude makes me sad and angry and disappointed and, well, sad. That's right - I'm sad twice. Not too sad, but twice. I'm happy to have such good, loyal, true friends, and sad that I can't pick better when it comes to men. I'm sad that all signs point to me dying alone. I'm sad that I still want a relationship after all this. I'm sad that I still want to be someone's Number One and never will be.

For some reason, I've had "Home on the Range" stuck in my head all day, but with "And never is heard an encouraging word..."

I'm sad today.

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