Monday, January 6, 2014

F is for Faithful

When Ex first started working out of town, his company put him up in a hotel. However, Ex got fired several times, so by the end of our marriage, he was working for a company that didn't want to invest much in him. They had a main office in Colorado and put Ex in a house with one of their managers and his wife. Ex said the house was small but cozy and had two bedrooms. He sent me a few pictures of it when he first moved in. 
Ex often told me how much he liked living there. Candy (the name I'm giving the wife) and Ex's boss were good hosts and Ex was comfortable in his room. Ex told me how laid back and open his boss and Candy were, and how they liked to try new things and welcomed him into their home with open arms. The boss did a little DJ work on the side and Ex brought me a CD of house music. Ex said they all spent a lot of time in the studio, making music and smoking weed.
Then his story got complicated. Ex was a horrible liar. For someone who did it all of the time, you would think he would be better at it, but no. He wasn't. Ex told me that his boss was working at another location, so it was just him, Candy, and another worker living in the house. Another worker? I asked, thinking that they were sharing the spare room. Ex began to stutter and told me that he was sleeping on the couch. Then he said he was sleeping on the floor in the spare room. I thought that was unfair, making poor Ex sleep uncomfortably, and I said as much. No, Ex insisted; he was fine. All was well.

Conversations between us continued to be stilted and weird. Ex told me that Candy showered every other day and used deoderant only on the days she didn't shower. Isn't that a little too personal of a fact to know about someone else's wife? There were other things. Discussions of dirty sheets that didn't matter because Ex wasn't sleeping in the spare room bed, anyway. Candy's undergarments. That sort of thing.
To put the icing on the cake, it was very shortly after all this that Ex came home with warts on his penis. I've told you that before. So Candy gave him an STD, is what I'm guessing. He knew too many things about her, there were too many weird stutterings and lies, too many incongruities in his stories. And the worst part? Life with Ex was so bad that it didn't even matter that he was most likely unfaithful. Something that matters that much just didn't matter.

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