Thursday, January 9, 2014

G is for Groom

Groom, you say? Really? GROOM? Yep, Ex did it again. I don't know what my motivation was. I was on facebook and randomly, without even thinking about it, typed in Ex's name. And there it was - his profile was back. And there it was - he is married. Nov. 23, 2013.

I want to send her a letter and ask her if she is okay. I want to know if the same thing that happened to me happened to her. I want to know if her loving, caring boyfriend turned into a raging sociopath the day they got married. I hope not. She looks very happy. His body language pulls away from her in every picture. I hope he has spent these last three years becoming a decent human being and treats her nicely. I really want to send her a link to my blog...I won't. That would be too mean and eye-opening.

She looks about Ex's age. I wonder if this is her first marriage? I wonder if Ex tried to drown her yet. I wonder how many days of the forty-seven days they have been married he has not spoked to her. I wonder how soon they will have kids. I feel ill.

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