Thursday, January 23, 2014

N is for New

This is the first time I have put in pictures before I write the post. I normally finish writing and then find pictures to complement the story. Not this time! This story is written in a new fashion in which the story must complement the pictures. Why? Because the pictures are of my new house!
Yay! I live really close to a state line and am moving to the other side of that line. The house is in a pretty decent neighborhood. It has four (!) bedrooms, three bathrooms, two kitchens (?), and a huge attic that I plan to make into a great studio space. I may post before and after pictures once I get to take possession of the house. (Ha, my house will be possessed as soon as I move in.)
It isn't really a duplex, but there are two kitchens, so I plan to get a roommate who can have his or her own living space. They would still have access to the entire downstairs, so it will have to be someone I can live with. With whom I can live. I'm taking English classes in school again, so I guess I should always use proper English, yes?

I have big plans for this old house. I can't wait. New classes, tutoring at a new location (in addition to the old one), newly off of my medication, and buying a new house. New to me, that is. Isn't that the best kind?

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