Wednesday, July 2, 2014

C is for Chakra

I did something completely out of character today and went to see an energy healer. I don't believe in that stuff. I don't. Well, apparently, I do. Or at least, I believe in it enough to make an appointment and then actually go to the appointment. It was weird. I was incredibly uncomfortable and felt nauseated at first. She got me talking about training horses, so I kind of forgot why I was there, and she said she did "work" on me while I was distracted. Okay.

Something must have gone on, because she left the room to get a booklet for me and I got so dizzy I had to put my head between my legs. I seriously thought I was going to pass out. Or throw up. Or both. Luckily, I did neither, but I'm home on the couch (shocking!) now, and my stomach is really upset. So she did something. Or something. Whatever.
She did have a lot of interesting things to say. She showed me a picture and explained the chakras to me. The lower three, I learned, have to do with body stuff (She used far better terminology, but this is what I brought home with me). Then there is the heart, the mind, and the soul, also called the third eye. When trauma happens, the lower three chakras close up. She compared it to a large wound in your arm: you are hurt and have to apply a tourniquet in order to stop the bleeding and survive. Trauma is injury, and closing the chakras is applying the tourniquet. That makes sense to me.
Then she said, matter-of-factly, that the lower chakras also shut down when a person dies. Bingo. If I buy into all of this, here is what I get: I have had trauma thrown at me my entire life. I muddled through until marrying Ex, who managed to inflict so much damage that I was forced to shut down my chakras in order to survive. They have been so severely shut down and for so long a time, that now they are in the same state as if my body was actually dying. So when I told my therapist that I feel dead, this could explain that.

Do I believe this? Or did I just throw my hard-earned money down the drain? I don't know, but I do know I don't feel well. And I can kind of feel my feet. Which, when you've been disconnected from your body as long as I have, is kind of cool.


  1. I've had a Reiki done during each if my pregnancies. Each one except the last, I experienced the same sensation you speak of. I was still dealing with my ex, and assume that it was the energies trying to get out. I felt so cleansed and much better after it went away. If you can feel your feet now - I'd take it as a good sign.

    1. Yeah, it is a weird feeling. Odd to think most people probably feel their feet most of the time. It is good to hear your experience and that you felt cleansed afterwards.

  2. This makes absolute perfect sense to me. Explains so much. I might have to visit such a place myself.

    1. If you would like, I can ask the energy healer I went to if she knows of anyone in your area. I think you can email me through Google + if you are interested. I'm going back in two weeks. (Financial reasons prevented me from going sooner.)


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